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Android mobile app v4.0.17 changelog

Dashboard screen addition:

- Added upper right "Edit" button on "Dashboard" screen to view the hidden (grayed out) graphs
- Added new graph called: "Weather" to the "Dashboard" screen 
- The "Daily Water Need" is now hidden by default
- It's now possible to tap on a graph and switch the option "Show on dashboard" to Off to hide it
- To quickly add/remove graphs on "Dashboard" we also added "Dashboard Graphs" option in "Settings" screen


- Show option to manually restore from backup in System Settings
- Automatically save backups for the last 10 modifications for each RainMachine device
- Rigorously validate the remote access email provided by the user
- Add possibility to set minutes and seconds for Master Valve on Mini-8 and Touch HD
- The export (.csv) file for Watering History now contains information for each cycle
- Move "Use correction for the past" setting in the "Weather Sensitivity" screen
- Group "Rain sensor" settings in the "Restrictions" screen
- Save default "max watering coefficient" value to 150%


- Fix issue on Android 6 related to coming back to the app after moving from a mobile data connection to a Wi-Fi connection
- Detect devices that have "Auto network switch" option enabled and encourage users to disable this option
  to ensure more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity during the initial setup

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