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<h1>Device firmware</h1>
<h1>Device firmware - beta</h1>

Latest revision as of 04:12, 8 December 2016


Device firmware - beta


  • This release adds more customization of zone parameters like soil type, sprinkler head type, sun exposure and slope inclination. With these settings RainMachine can suggest a proper zone watering duration and use advanced soil/vegetation properties to optimize watering requirements.
  • Watering Programs can now use an automatic duration which is suggested from the zone properties, this duration will change depending on weather and program frequency. This duration can be increased or decreased by user by a custom percentage. Existing users that use their own manual duration are not affected
  • Cycle and Soak can now be set to automatic beside the old manual setting. It will take soil and sprinkler type information and split the watering time in cycles to prevent overwatering and runoffs. Cycles durations that are too small to be beneficial to plants will be automatically scheduled for next watering.
  • Automatic Cycle and Soak is now dynamically optimized, so there is no need to wait for a soak duration if succeeding zone watering durations are over the soak duration.
  • Field Capacity (how much water can soil keep) is now a per zone property. This is automatically determined from zone settings and can be increased or decreased by user. Also possible surface accumulation from zone slope is take into account. Existing users that were using the global setting will have their setting automatically applied for each zone.
  • All vegetation, soil, sprinkler head, slope and sun exposure can be fine tuned by creating custom settings for each of these properties. This includes root depth, crop coefficient (yearly or monthly), allowed depletion, soil intake rate and moisture capacity, sprinkler application rate and efficiency.
  • History for predicted forecast from Weather Underground has been fixed for users that were using a custom weather station. Previously the QPF value was overwritten with observed rain amount.
  • RainMachine will now try to refresh the weather forecast before running a program.
  • People that like to tinker with RainMachine will find a new weather parser that can be configured to execute any API call depending on their own defined rules. It’s similar to IFTTT but built in RainMachine. This feature is beta quality and can be found on Weather Services->Developer->Weather Rules.
  • REST API has been updated to version 4.3 with many additions for more information see:
  • We released an Python client for RainMachine REST API, which allows to control RainMachine from python scripts. More details:


Fixes from previous beta (816):
- Fix invalid zone vegetation type 8 error forcing users to save all zones again.
- API4/HTTP: Allow requests with Content-Length: 0
- Added Xeriscape vegetation type with a lower crop coefficient
- Workaround for rare cases where NTP wasn’t syncing time correctly
- Mixer: Fix for the situation when we have a parser that fetches past data,
  we need get existing data in mixer db so we don't replace the whole past mixer data with last received parser values
- ParserManager: Fix for historical parsers that send measured yesterday data,
  that will keep the last QPF value from being overwritten as QPF is always null on measured data report
- API4: Upped API version to 4.3
- Added precipitation forecast restriction for programs, which will overwrite RainMachine algorithm.
  With this option programs can be set to not start if forecasted precipitation quantity (QPF) exceed a user settable value
- Programs: add user percentage for automatic durations
- Apply sun exposure coefficient  to crop coefficient
- API4: Add POST zone/simulate to return reference time and field capacity for a set of zone properties
- Restriction: Rewrite handling of weather data for restrictions. 
- Increase available water upper limit by allowed surface accumulation + wsdays
- Automatic cycle/soak
- API4: Export referenceTime for zones.
- RMParserFramework: wunderground parser: correct saving of minTemp and maxTemp.
- Allow definition of 12 values (monthly) for crop coefficient.
- Rules: Integrate with API4Client
- Rules: Added RMRules parser that can execute REST API calls depending on custom user defined rules
- RMParserFramework: netatmo-parser now uses values from yesterday not instant values
- API4: Show remaining time on /watering/queue call
- Parsers/Weather Underground: Use all day QPF instead of hourly qpf as qpf is missing for hours in the past
- Parsers/Forecast.io: Use all day QPF instead of hourly qpf as qpf is missing for hours in the past
- Parsers/NetAtmo: Now uses values from yesterday not instant values
- API4: Show remaining time on /watering/queue call.
- Run weather parsers 10 minutes before program start if no weather updated in the last hour.
- Correction for past: Reduce maximum allowed QPF Delta that would increase watering if no observed rain information
  is available by evapotranspiration average.
- Don't reset the simulation completely when changing wind/rain sensitivity just resimulate future days.


- Fix for sunset/sunrise beyond polar circle. If no sunrise/sunset it returns the mid of day.