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Fastening unit

● Place the RainMachine controller close to an electrical outlet. We recommend placing it indoors (i.e. garage).
● The quick setup guides are also fastening templates. Place the provided template on the wall. Mark and drill through the holes labeled “DRILL HERE”.
● Using provided screws fasten the unit to the wall.


● Remove the white plastic terminals lid by pressing on the 2 edge dimples white pulling up the tabs below them.
● Connect your valve wires to the green terminals labeled 1 through 12 (RM-HD) and 1 through 8 (RM-Mini).
● You can control up to 12 (RM-HD) and up to 8 (RM-Mini) valves with one RainMachine unit.
C is Common terminal – all valves share 2 common terminals labeled C. The common terminals are electrically connected together.

Note:  OK to use only one Common terminal (either one) for all 12 or 8 valves.

Power up

● Connect the 24VAC power cables to the terminals marked “24VAC”.
● Plug transformer (included) in the package) into AC wall socket.

System will boot (1-2 minutes) and launch the setup wizard.
System will boot for the first time (1-2 minutes) and will enter in the initial setup mode and the display will show letter A.



The setup wizard will walk you through the basic RainMachine HD information, such as: machine name, Wi-Fi connection and location information. Note: In order to complete the setup, you need a working internet connection and a Wi-Fi router or access point.

After you completed the wizard you need to add watering Programs and edit Zone Properties.

Join the "RainMachine" Wi-Fi network from you smartphone.
Launch RainMachine mobile application and continue the setup process.

Your unit is up and running.


Body connect remotely mini.png

Garden from Iphone, garden from Android, garden from any screen.
Connect your garden to your smartphone or tablet and remotely control everything.
The application automatically discovers any RainMachines on your local network and makes them accessible though an easy to use and secure interface. When you're away from home it is possible to remote access your RainMachine.

Download mobile RainMachine discovery applications