How to use RainMachine IFTTT Triggers

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How to use RainMachine IFTTT triggers


Unleash the power of Internet of Things (IoT) by integrating more then 150 other services with your RainMachine device

1. Please login or create a free IFTTT account here.
2. To allow IFTTT to access your RainMachine, click on Channels and search for RainMachine channel.
3. Follow on screen instruction to login on the RainMachine using your email address and RainMachine password (those are the remote access credentials).
4. Click on ACCEPT button.
5. After the RainMachine channel is connected you can define your own trigger recipes, as in the example below, or you can use predefined users public trigger recipes.

Trigger recipe example:

“If Zone 3 of my RainMachine has started then send me an email on my Gmail address.”

6. Go to RainMachine ifttt channel and scroll down to the Triggers section.
7. There are 9 RainMachine triggers that you can choose from.
8. For our example we will choose the first trigger: "Zone has started". Click on it
9. Then click on the button Create a new recipe
10. Press "this" text button


11. Search for “RainMachine” channel, and click on it.
12. Choose the first trigger Zone has started.
Note: Only the scheduled zones or programs can be used as triggers on RainMachine IFTTT channel. If a zone or a program is manually started, the IFTTT trigger will not fire. 13. The next step is to choose one zone from the dropdown zone list. This list will be populated with all zones from all your RainMachine devices.
14. After you selected a zone, click on Create Trigger button


15. Click on "that" text button
16. Search the channel of the IoT service provider you want. We choose Gmail
17. Click “Gmail” channel and if you are not connected to your gmail account it will ask you to login and to grant IFTTT access. Do that by entering you gmail credentials and choose Accept.
18. Choose the action Send an email available for this Gmail channel.
19. Next you have to fill the form fields with your gmail email address (that's more important) and how the subject and email body will look.
Note: Do not change/delete the text placed into gray rounded corner square. That will be replaced with the RainMachine Zone number and custom name. 20. Attachment URL field can be empty or can be filled with an image url of your zone.
Note: Use an online image upload service (like to upload your image and copy and paste the generated link of the image into this field. 21. Click on the Create Action
22. If everything is in order then click on the final Create Recipe button to create your RainMachine IFTTT trigger recipe. 23. After the trigger recipe was saved the edit page will open. Here you can choose to:
- Make it public by clicking on the Publish button so all the other users can use it. Not suitable for this kind of triggers that uses personal email addresses.
- Stop it and it will not trigger anymore, but won't be deleted until you choose to delete it by clicking on Delete button.
- Check the status by clicking on Check now button to see if the connection between RainMachine channel and Gmail channel are ok - you will get a green message if everything it's ok, or a red message when something is wrong and you may need to review the trigger settings once again.
- View the trigger log.

Everytime your RainMachine selected zone will start watering on schedule you will get an email to remind you that.