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iOS mobile app v4.0.900 changelog

v4.0.900 released on 07/16/2016

New feature:

- The new version of iOS app has the ability to create RainMachine devices backups of Zones/Programs & Restrictions settings only.
- It keeps 10 consecutive backups versions after 10 consecutive changes to either Zones/Program & Restrictions settings.
- Automatically search for changes when a devices is accessed and if there are any made using another platform (web app,
  Android app or other Apple device) it creates a backup.
- Ability to restore a backup of a RainMachine Touch HD-12 or RainMachine Touch HD-16 to a RainMachine Mini-8 device, 
  but only the Zones 1 to 8 settings and Programs that do not use zones from 9-12 or 9-16 will be restored from that backup.
- Ability to restore a backup of a RainMachine Mini-8 to a RainMachine Touch HD-12 or RainMachine Touch HD-16.
- The backups are saved on the Apple device memory. Uninstalling the RainMachine iOS app will remove all backups.


- Added a new graph to the DASHBOARD screen called Weather that will replace the Daily Water Need graph, now hidden by default.
- Now you can rearrange/show or hide graphs as you wish tapping on upper right Edit button.
- Added a new option under Settings called Dashboard Graphs for quicker show or hide graphs on DASHBOARD
- Improved watering history export .csv format.
- Now it's possible to set time in seconds for Master Valve.
- Added the ability to change zone watering time in minutes on the fly when the zone it's already started.
- Added Advanced System Settings options for corresponding RainMachine device under Settings.
- "Minimum watering duration threshold" for all devices and "Hardware Rain Sensor" + "Rain Sensor normally closed" for RainMachine Mini-8 only,
   moved to Restrictions screen as new options
- "Maximum duration threshold" moved under Restrictions -> Hot days
- Added start watering time for Watering history screen.


- Fixed app crash on iOS 7.x
- Other fixes.