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Known issues


Wi-Fi Light OFF after upgrade

Please note that the RainMachine Mini-8 can have the Wi-Fi light OFF after the upgrade. The fix is to reboot the unit.

Cannot setup device when using Android 6 and up

If you get "Wi-Fi Authentication failed" error while you are setting up the RainMachine for the first time from a mobile phone, the problem might be from the fact that the phone sees that RainMachine-XXXX has no Internet and it switches automatically to a better AP. You can ignore the notification ("RainMachine-XXXX has no Internet") or you can try this:

-Turn on Airplane Mode
-Enable WiFi
-Connect to the RainMachine-XXXX Wi-Fi
-Open the RainMachine mobile app, go to Devices screen, find the RainMachine Mini-8 and tap on it to continue the setup process
-After finishing the initial setup, turn off Airplane Mode

The first step, of turning on Airplane Mode, should stop the WiFi auto-switching functionality and make the initial setup work.

You can also go to the Wi-Fi screen, press the 3 dots at the top, choose Advanced and then look for a setting called "Avoid poor networks" or "Auto network switch" and disable it. The new version of the Android app will automatically detect this issue and forward the client to the Wifi Advanced Settings screen.

Touch HD

HD-12 not rebooting or Wi-Fi issues

Some Touch HD-12 might not reboot well or have issues with Wi-Fi after the upgrade. The fix is to UNPLUG/PLUG back in the transformer.