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Local touch interface for RainMachine Touch HD 2nd generation


Go to the RainMachine Touch HD device itself:
1. Tap on the wrench Settings button
2. Tap on System card
3. Swipe left to UPDATES & RESTORE card. Tap on it.
4. Wait for the update message to appear. If there is a new update released you will be asked to proceed by tapping the update button.
5. Do not unplug the device from power outlet when the update process is taken place.
6. The RainMachine Touch HD device will reboot itself after the update process is done.

Current version

v1.0.19 changelog released on 06/01/2016


- Rigorously validate the remote access email provided by the user
- Add Restore from backup functionality inside the Updates screen
- Add option to restore from backup while doing the initial setup
- Add possibility to set minutes and seconds for Master Valve
- Add Network Tools screen to troubleshoot any networking issues


- Minor fixes.

Previous versions