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'''Known issues'''
'''Known issues'''
- Please note that the Mini-8 can have the Wi-Fi light OFF after the upgrade. The fix is to reboot the unit.  
- Please read [[FAQ#Mini-8|this]].

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RainMachine Mini-8 (2015)


Current version

v4.0.750 released on 06/03/2016


- AutoCalibrate et0 average on reboot.
- Improve management of Available Water in soil between days.
- Automatically fix elevation and costal/land coefficients for users that setup didn't set elevation.
  Elevation is automatically taken from closest weather station if the default elevation is found.
- Increased One Time Pin expiry time to 32h
- Added valve short and overload detection and send notifications when an short or overload event occurs
- Send notifications when a reboot happened during watering
- Send notifications when a program was restricted to run


- Add restrictions flags for the days in /dailystats/details call


- Fix for wrong elevation for wind measurements this should result in less watering.
- Fix for Correction for the Past feature that in some cases was being applied twice.
- Fix for rainsensor restriction now showing on waterlog

Known issues

- Please read [[FAQ#Mini-8|this]].


- 04/18/2016   v4.0.712 | changelog
- 03/25/2016   v4.0.700 | changelog
- 01/18/2016   v4.0.636 | changelog
- 09/25/2015   v4.0.574 | changelog
- 09/07/2015   v4.0.560 | changelog
- 08/04/2015   v4.0.558 | changelog
- 06/03/2015   v4.0.539 | changelog
- 05/25/2015   v4.0.535 | changelog

Home / Software Updates / RainMachine Mini-8