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RainMachine Mini-8 (2015)


Current version

v4.0.712 released on 04/18/2016


-Fix for sunrise/sunset programs not starting correctly
-Fix newly created programs only showing watering information for current day
-Fix wrong measurement unit for solar radiation retrieved using WUnderground
-Fix for incorrect watering graphs shown for programs that already watered today
-Simulator: run program even if zone is inactive


-Parsers/CIMIS: Fix Warning message
-RMSimulatorFramework: log when limiting AW; moved log entry et0Avg
-rmSimulator: Better logging for skipped yesterday entry
-DiagUpload: Upload latest simulation. Allow for absolute path files upload
-rmSimulator: allow simulation for programs on restricted days (not only in freezeprotect)
-rmMixer: fix error when running parsers, correctly get last qpf if current mixed data has no qpf
-RMNetworkFramework, rmHTTPResourceApiProgram, fixed compare int with bool. fixes: "Newly created programs only show dailystats for today /changing start time resimulate the program for 1 day"
-WUnderground: compute solar radiation from history observations; add parameter "useSolarRadiation" - default false
-WUnderground: Fix invalid daily summary when rain is None
-RMParserFramework: Wuderground parser: remove solar radiation and convert pressure to kpa
-RMSimulatorFramework: simulate programs that have already run for today in order to compute available water correctly
-RMProgramsFramework: hot fix for sunrise and sunset program starting


- 04/18/2016   v4.0.712 | changelog
- 03/25/2016   v4.0.700 | changelog
- 01/18/2016   v4.0.636 | changelog
- 09/25/2015   v4.0.574 | changelog
- 09/07/2015   v4.0.560 | changelog
- 08/04/2015   v4.0.558 | changelog
- 06/03/2015   v4.0.539 | changelog
- 05/25/2015   v4.0.535 | changelog

Home / Software Updates / RainMachine Mini-8