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Platform Version Date Changelog
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RainMachine OS
3.62 Jun 12, 2014 Improvements:

- Improved boot sequence to prevent freezing after power failures
- NOAA data fetch interval is now every 6 hours
- Opened TCP port 18443 to be used as an alternative to TCP 443

Bug fixes:
- Fixed issues with cycle and soak programs

3.60 Mar 20, 2014 Improvements:

- Date/Time format
- Add version details for smartphone apps

3.59 Feb 05, 2014 New features:

- "Available update" notification in smartphone apps
- Improved percentage calculations on Home Screen to consider soil available water
- Improved connection speed for iOS application

Bug fixes:
- Fixed "Run Now" button on Cycle and Soak programs
- Fixed "Next run" info in program frequency screen
- Fixed cycle and soak problems when soak time was short
- Fixed freeze control and "No watering months" issues

3.57 Nov. 06, 2013 New features:

- Run Now button at program level
- Support for "Extra watering on hot days" in iOS and Android app
- Improved "Program Frequency" screen - more info, easier to use
- Increased number of days for every n days programs to 14
- Support for Program Name in both localUI and webUI
- Ignore weather data at program level
- Added location info in smartphone home screen

Bug fixes:
- Fixed location name special characters issue
- Fixed DST drift
- Fixed Cycle and Soak issues
- Fixed DNS settings on static IP
- Disabled disconnecting from smartphone app when a program starts
- Fixed "long zone name" issue
- Fixed screen timeout on wizard
- Allow manual watering when in Rain Delay

- Disabled port 5555

3.56 Sep. 13, 2013

- Fixed QPF (Quantitative Precipitation Forecast) sensitivity for light rain situations.
Problem was generated by NOOA's units mixup.
- Informed support team and solution was provided immediately! Thanks NOAA!

3.55 Aug. 23, 2013

- Fixed wrong weekdays assignment to a program when saved from mobile application.
- Improved web interface for better readability.
- Increased the limit of watering time for a zone from 180 to 300 minutes.
- Improved internet weather service to get data for more than 5 days.
- Cosmetic changes to Program/Zone numbers in local interface.

Platform Version Date Changelog
<img src="images/logo_apple.png">
iOS application
2.3 Aug 26, 2014

- New <a href="" target="_blank">iOS v2.3 app</a> launched on Aug 26th

- New weather icons set
Bug fixes:
- Fixed issues with “Stop All” button

2.0 May 18, 2014 Improvements:

- Completely redesigned, native iOS app
- Resolves connectivity issues
- Improves on speed and user experience

1.3 Aug. 24, 2013 Improvements:

- Improved network connectivity.

Platform Version Date Changelog
<img src="images/logo_android.png">
Android application
2.0.2 Apr. 02, 2014 Improvements:

- Completely redesigned, <a href="" target="_blank">native Android app</a>
- Resolves connectivity issues
- Improves on speed and user experience

New features:
- Remote update for the RainMachine
- 1 touch zone start/stop

1.3 Aug. 24, 2013

- Fixed minor bugs