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How to use touch buttons combinations on RainMachine Mini-8


WiFi LED Icon / Digit Number LED (on standby) behavior:

AP Mode WiFi LED Icon Digit Number LED
Closed OFF OFF
ON Blinking A
Connected Full ON OFF or Zone number
Wrong WiFi password Blinking A

Note: Changing WiFi connection from API should wake display and blink WiFi LED icon until it connects.


If display on standby first touch wakes, but doesn't register action

- UP or DOWN changing zones, 1 short beep
- WATER starts watering for "defaultZoneDuration" time, blocks UP/DOWN keys, starts blinking, 2 short beeps
- WATER when blinking/watering stops started zone, 2 short beeps

2) LONG PRESS (3 seconds):
- WATER stops all zones queued useful to stop an entire program, 1 long beep
- UP and DOWN - Perform Update, will show U on display during update, no other action allowed on touch. Will show 'o' if update ok or already up-to-date and will restart app. Will show E if any error occurred.
- UP and WATER - Enable ssh daemon