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How to use WUnderground weather source

1.1 Please enter your API Key obtained from WUnderground.
1.2 Open the RainMachine Web Application (https://my.rainmachine.com), login to your RainMachine device and then go to "Settings" - "Weather".
1.3 Click on "WUnderground" weather data source. Please mark the weather data source "Active" (see fig.1 image screenshot).
1.4 Click "SAVE" and then "REFRESH NOW" buttons to fetch the latest weather data from the WUnderground server.

RainMachine web application how to set up WUnderground weather data source


1.5 If you want to use a specific weather station, please check "useCustonStation" and enter the "customStationName"
1.6 Press "SAVE" button again.
Note: It takes some time to fetch the data from the weather severs. Check the "Status" from the weather data sources list.

All weather data fetched from the weather data sources are based on your RainMachine device location.
Please make sure your location address is accurate. To do that go to "Settings" - "System Settings" - "Location"
(using RainMachine mobile iPhone or Android apps, RainMachine local touch interface or RainMachine web application).