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Web interface


- Charts: Changed the Restriction icon with red exclamation sign.
- Charts: Proper align restriction icon.
- Charts: Fix last non null value being shown when mousing over the graphs.
- UI: Better refresh when programs, weather or restrictions are changed.
- UI: Increase UI refresh time.


- Advanced custom values convert to proper measurement unit. Automatically compute simulated values when Custom advanced settings change.
- Added Advanced Zone Settings icons into the RainMachine font. Changed Typical Summer Watering Time text.
- Changes to styles for timers. Added general Advanced Zone Settings font icons.
- Add percentage for field capacity.
- Hide properties when master valve is selected for Zone 1.
- Set the advanced parameters. Show/Hide custom settings when Custom is selected for these advanced settings.
- Show error if bad parameters are entered on advanced properties.
- Add dynamic simulation of zone properties to show field capacity and reference timer.
- Move zone advanced values to metric. Default to Clay Loam.
- Changed the "Custom" icon for the Advanced Zone Edit option.
- Changed the size of the Advanced Zone Edit icons.
- Change vegetation, soil, sprinkler head type, sun exposure and slope icons with the selected option icon.
- Added Current Field Capacity to Zones Advanced Settings.
- Added Program Restrictions, added units to advanced zone properties.
- API 4.3 beta: Show timing for soak/delay.


- Various fixes: New program creation didn't show set timers. Reduced interval for programs and zones refresh when no watering is happening.
- Allow Next Run to be set for programs with Every N days frequency.
- Change zone timer color depending on type.
- Set/Read Program QPF restriction.
- Frequency: Change auto timer for selected weekdays based on future multiplier.
- Show today as next run date when creating new programs.
- Fix coef being applied twice. Refresh zone timers on cancel.
- Read and Set per zone auto user percentages.
- Add auto timer user settable percentage.
- Compute total time.
- Show summer suggested reference timers multiplied with program frequency.
- Add Automatic Cycle & Soak.
- Show Next Run: Unknown instead of 1970 for inactive programs.
- Programs allow choosing between automatic or manual zone durations.
- Show stop button for running inactive programs.
- Allow starting program even if it's inactive.
- Fix issue with zone seconds not showing on programs.


- Watering History: Show/Hide detailed cycle information.
- Parsers/Util: Parse of JSON as string received from parameters.
- Water Saved: Correct percentage calculations to match mobile clients.
- Added text for Restriction 11.
- Put Weather Rules parser in Development category.
- Remove global Field Capacity setting.
- Weather Parsers: Fix for parsers without Parser in name