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RainMachine Web application


Open RainMachine web application:
1. Update your RainMachine firmware (2015 and up generation) to v4.0.700 and up
2. Open web application from: my.rainmachine.com or local: (replace with your RainMachine device IP)
3. If the unit is not configured and it is in AP mode, you can connect from a laptop to the AP and use the AP IP which is by default . From a laptop/PC you can access the web application: and api interface:

Current version

v1.4 changelog released on 06/01/2016



- Better usability by automatically checking options when user is entering durations for cycle and soak and other options that must be enabled.
- Improvement layout arrangement for lower resolutions (768px, 1024px, 1200px, and 1280px and up widths)
- Show exact watering duration as tooltips on zones circles for each program in Home screen
- Show a restriction icon over programs watering percent bar when the day will be in restriction. This way user will know that RainMachine planned to water but was restricted by user. 
- Show current watering status above the zones screen, similar to iOS and Android clients. UI should now show when device is waiting in soak timer, or running master valve.
- Add all weather data points to Weather graphs 
- Moved pertinent settings to Restrictions screen instead of System Settings. These include: Correction for the Past, Minimum and Maximum Watering.  
- Show minimum temperature on home screen


- Measurement units will now be correctly applied to Weather graphs.

Previous versions

- 04/18/2016   v1.3-beta | changelog

Home / Software Updates / RainMachine Web application