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04/18/2016 - Web applicationv 1.3-beta changelog



-UI: Refresh programs/zones on slower timer regardless of changes
-UI: Refresh device info on settings change. Better text for rain sensor
-UI: Add MORE button for dashboard waterlog. Improve snooze refresh
-UI: Initially only get 30 days of weather data. Fix start date default value for Water Log view
-Added program icon in front if program name on Watering History.
-Added Rain Sensor type
-Added Dashboard restrictions box
-Added "Watering Restriction" new dashboard block.
-Added DELETE button to weather data sources
-Added DEFAULTS button to weather data sources settings window
-Added (broken layout) forecast/history checks
-Added two columns to Weather Services - Forecast & History.
-Added css only tabs for Weather Services and Data Sources Comparison.
-Added Support/Guest PIN UI
-Added Generate PIN card on System Settings.
-Added program start time options
-Changed DELETE button position for weather data sources
-Change minutes to min, seconds to sec in secondsToText()
-Changes to Restrictions and Programs Edit.
-Changed "enabled" to "circle" for Weather Services Forecast and History.


-Dashboard: Don't show active when there aren't restrictions active
-Dashboard: Refresh Weather Sources or All data when needed
-Charts: Conceptual: load 365 days data when showing YEAR graphs
-Charts: Only download mixer data for the specified number of days
-Settings/Weather: Separate weather parsers by categories
-Settings/Weather: Add parser descriptions
-Settings: Fix date object not working on Firefox/Safari
-Settings: Better parser upload error information. Add Delete parser button. Hide UI error when clicked
-Settings/Parsers: Refresh parsers after a parser upload
-Settings/Parsers: Don't show last run status if parser is not enabled
-Settings: Added Defaults button for parser parameters
-System Settings: Fix timezone change, location change, min watering duration
-Settings: Added beta updates channel settings
-Settings: Added software rain sensor settings
-Settings: Add cloud change
-Settings: Add RainMachine Mini-8 specifig settings
-Programs: Use numeric values instead of sunrise/sunset strings
-Programs: Show settings for sunrise/sunset
-Programs/nextRun: Align with Timezone
-Programs: Remove hour option from sunrise/sunset
-Programs: Show zone numbers on editing existing programs
-Programs: Automatically check/uncheck zone when time is added/removed
-Programs: Show zones names on Add new program
-Watering History screen customizations WIP.


-Shared tooltip with workaround for shared charts. Renamed Data Sources to Weather Services
-Upped version to 1.3
-WaterLog: Fix zone ids
-WaterLog: Show weather
-Fixed long zone names ellipses and date box width.
-Fix: Don't ignore 0% water saved percentage for water saved gauge
-Fix for leap year.
-Fix last program delete error.
-Fixes and changed colors to program names.
-Fixed Weather Sources tabs. Moved REFRESH NOW and ADD NEW buttons.
-Fixed Rain Sensor option on System Settings.
-Firefox fixes.
-Fixed browser support "Weather services" listing.
-Fix field capacity default button
-Fix device HOME link when in settings
-Fixed empty status for weather data sources
-Fixed Enable checkbox on Advanced System Settings

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